9 Tricks to Win at Blackjack

Casino games have a strategy component and a chance component. And without a doubt, blackjack delivers. Determining a correct strategy when playing blackjack is effective and practical. To win at blackjack it is important to understand the game, invest time and effort to know the game strategy and the types of blackjack.

Play in test mode

It is without a doubt one of the best tricks we can offer you. The trial mode is really interesting for inexperienced players who are approaching blackjack for the first time. And even for those players who do not want to risk too much and prefer to practice the different modalities without investing. The demo function allows you to release the extra pressure of playing real money.

Currently there are different casinos or web portals that allow you to practice and test strategies without having to invest your money.

Establish a strategy

It is the most obvious trick and the one that many players forget. Strategy is basic and fundamental to playing blackjack or any other casino game. Do not forget. Before playing, determine the strategy you will follow, even if luck is not with you. It is not recommended to use a different methodology for each hand. Stick to one and follow it.

Stand with more than 17 points

Another interesting trick to win at blackjack is to stand with more than 17 points. The risk of asking for another card and exceeding 21 points is high. In the case of obtaining more than 21 points, it is lost automatically, regardless of the cards the dealer has. It is not necessary to risk more.

In most cases, getting more than 17 points is a good game. It only remains to wait for the dealer to bust and his hand is higher than 21 points. In wisdom is the reward.

Divide Aces and 8

If by chance in a hand the dealer deals you two aces or two eights, it is best to split. Splitting will allow you to double your chances of hitting blackjack. As you well know, the Ace has double points, it can be worth one point or eleven.

The same happens if you have a pair of eights. It is without a doubt, the worst of the hands to try to obtain 21 points. The sum of the two eights is sixteen, a complex figure, since the chances of asking for a card and bust are high. And it is not advisable to stand, since the dealer has everything to win. So if your hand is ever a pair of eights, split.

Don’t divide shapes

If in the previous point we advised you to divide whenever you have a hand with two Aces or two eights, this time we recommend the opposite. If the dealer deals you two face cards, K, Q, J or two 10s, stand. Do not ask for cards, do not risk, you have a winning hand. 20 points is a very good figure. Obviously, the dealer can get blackjack, but the odds are low. And the odds that you win are high.

No to card counting

Card counting in land-based casinos is an illegal practice. In fact, if a player is discovered, they are immediately expelled from the casino and banned for life. It happened to Ben Affleck in a Las Vegas casino. So if you go to a live casino, don’t put it into practice.

If card counting is illegal in the physical casino, in online casinos it just doesn’t work. It is an absurd and impossible practice. A card generator is in charge of shuffling and distributing luck. More than one deck is used, so not even Einstein would be able to determine which card would come out .

Establish a budget

The trick of setting a budget is valid for blackjack as well as for any type of game of chance. It is the first thing you must determine before starting the game. You must always stick to it and never go overboard.

Then choose a table according to your budget. If your budget is 40 euros and the minimum bet is 10 euros, you can only play four games. It is better that you choose a table where the minimum bet is one euro or two euros. You will have more opportunities to put your knowledge into practice and establish a strategy.

Don’t ask for insurance

Most games allow the option of insurance. A priori it can be a valid and safe option. However, it will only make you lose money in the long run. If the player asks for insurance, the bank’s advantage increases. The only way to recover the bet with insurance is to get 21 points , that is, blackjack.

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